Why Worship Cow?

There is so much similarity, both physical and mental, between man and monkey that it is difficult to deny Darwin. In this context Hanuman, Hindu monkey god is very significant. Had Darwin known about Hanuman, Darwin would have been greatly pleased. Darwin believed that there must be link between monkey and man; he believed that there must be some species in the evolution of man from monkey who was halfway between the two, neither a full monkey nor a complete man. Hanuman seems to be, in many ways, related to that missing link, and it would be great if his skeleton were found.

I say yet another thing which is concerned with the evolution of man. I say that as man has evolved from the monkey at the level of his body, similarly, he evolved from the cow at the level of his soul. If the monkey is his predecessor on the physical side, the cow is his predecessor on the spiritual side. While man’s physical frame has evolved from the monkey’s body, his soul has evolved from the soul of the cow. Of course, in support of this theory we cannot advance proofs as direct and strong as Darwin’s in support of his. But there are many other kinds of evidence in support of what I am saying: man as a soul has evolved from the cow.

We don’t call cow our mother because we are agriculture community and cow has great use and importance for us. If it were so, we should have called the bull our father. No community calls the airplane mother, although it is so important in our modern life. There is no relationship between motherhood and utility. There must be some other reasons for regarding the cow as our mother.

In my view, the cow is man’s mother exactly in the same way as the monkey, according to Darwin, happens to be his father. And I have good reasons to say it. Further, most of these reasons are based on the findings of psychic research into man’s memory of his past lives, called jati-smaran in Hindu and Buddhist terminology.

Thousands of yogis down the centuries have explored and recalled the memories of their past lives and have found retrospectively that as soon as the chain of their human lives comes to an end, the life of cow begins. If you go back into your past lives and there are tested methods to do it – you will find that for many lives you were a human being. But as soon as the series of human lives ends, you will enter the life of the cow that you were. Everyone experimented with jati-smaran has come to the same conclusion: behind the layers of memory of human lives lies the layer belonging to the life of cow. And it is on this basis that cow has been described as man’s mother.

If you explore the animal world you will note that no other animal has such a developed soul as the cow. Looking into the eyes of a cow you will find a humanly quality, humanness no other animal has. The innocence, simplicity, the humility of cow is rare.

If you watch the physical restlessness in which monkey lives, it will be obvious to you that it is not going to rest until it achieves a higher form of body. The monkey seems to be utterly dissatisfied with his body; in fact, he is dissatisfied with everything about it. Looking at a new born child, you will find, while his body has the agility of monkey, his eyes have the peace and serenity of a cow. Physically he reminds one of a monkey, and spiritually he resembles a cow.

Hindu scripture says that cow is considered holy because angels live in the cow. The cow is held in deep respect not only because what Hindu sages have to say, but after prolonged investigations in psychic world about the cow. And as psychic knowledge grows – and it is growing – science will soon support that India discovered long ago about the cow. It is also interesting to note that cow’s waste is not toxic, meaning cow’s body has no bacteria, like all other animals including humans have bacteria in their bodies. Not only that it is been proven scientific that cow’s urine and dung are antiseptic.

You will understand it better if you look at the long chain of God’s incarnations as conceived by the Hindus. It begins with the first the first incarnation of God is the fish – and goes up to Buddha. Until recently one wondered how God would incarnate as a fish. But now the science of biology accepts that life on this earth began with the fish. That is why India said centuries ago that the fish was the first incarnation of God. The Sanskrit word for incarnation is avatar, which means descent of consciousness. Since life as consciousness first dawned in the fish, it is not wrong to call it the first incarnation. This is the language of religion. Science says the same thing: the first appearance of life on earth was in the shape of the fish.

We have yet another of God’s incarnations which is still more puzzling and unique. It is called narsinghavatar, God’s incarnation as half man and half animal. When Darwin says that the missing link between monkey and man should be half monkey and half man, we don’t have difficulty in accepting him. But we find it difficult to accept the Hindu concept of narsinghavatar. This is again the language of religion, and undoubtedly it carries with it a deep insight.

The cow is man’s mother in the same way as the monkey is his father. Darwin was concerned with the evolution of the physical body, in fact, the whole world of the West is concerned with the physical. But India has long been concerned with the spirit, the soul; it is not much concerned with the body. We have always wanted to explore the spirit and its ultimate source. For this reason we emphasized the soul much more than the body.


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