What Is Jyotish, or Vedic, Astrology?

Jyotish from India is the most time-tested and oldest system of astrology in the world. The Sanskrit word “Jyotish” (ja-yo-teesh) means “science of light.” In Western countries, it is called Vedic astrology, which refers to Indian or Hindu astrology. The origin of Jyotish is from the Vedas, the scriptures of Hindus. Jyotish is the science of understanding the subtle influences that come to us from the greater universe.

Vedic astrology reflects the understanding and experience of ancient spiritual teachers regarding the facts of life. Hindu philosophers and sages went into great intricacies to explain God. They explain that world is evolving under the benevolent influence of a Divine Being. The Supreme Intelligence takes care of every individual and puts him under those circumstances that are best suited for his growth. This gives faith and confidence to the individual. Vedic astrology believes in the spiritual nature of man, and guides him in realizing his true self. It helps him realize that each soul is learning his lessons, which he can only learn under those circumstances. Thus, he comes to know that astrological prediction comes true because the soul is guided by Higher Beings, planets whose Judgment is never error.

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