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I was born and raised in India until I immigrated to USA in 1976. Yoga was practiced in my home by my father and brothers. And then I was introduced to formal Yoga practice in my elementary school when I was about ten years old. Yoga was taught as a part of physical education exercise. I developed a liking for Yoga as it helped me to study better, because I had difficulty studying at night. So, from my childhood on I started waking up early and practicing Yoga. In my youth, Yoga helped me to energize my body and mind, which in turn helped me get better grades in school. I continued practicing Yoga into my engineering college days, again it helped me a lot to study and focus in my studies.

Then in 1982, my interest in Yoga and meditation took a big turn. I started practicing Yoga and meditation on a regular basis in the mornings and evenings because I wanted to be healthy again! I did not learn meditation formally, but I just started practicing meditation as best I understood by reading a book by Swami Sivananda. And as it turns out, Swami Sivananda became my Param Guru, meaning my Guru’s Guru. (Guru means spiritual teacher.) As I started practicing Yoga and meditation on a regular basis, I had some spiritual experiences that encouraged me further and ultimately led me to my spiritual teacher, Swami Satyananda of Bihar School of Yoga, India. (

I went through intense and systematic training and guidance under Swami Brahmayidyananda (, who is the senior disciple of Swami Satyananda. I completed the advanced course and an intense training of long hours in Kriya Yoga. In 1987, after I completed the intense Yogic practices, my Guru bestowed me with the title of a Yoga Acharya. “Yoga Acharya” means one who has attained a stage of perfection in Yoga, and one who is qualified to share Yoga with others.

As a result of my Guru’s grace, ever since the late 1980s, I have been sharing Yoga and meditation with many people of all ages. I emphasize not only the physical aspects of Yoga, but the integral aspect of Yoga that includes the body, mind and spirit. If you would like to read more about what I promote as a spiritual Yoga, please read in the “Types of Yoga” section under the Satyananda Yoga style.

I offer my services in selfless service to humanity. It gives me immense joy and happiness to play a role in relieving the sorrows of others with the help of Yoga, Vedic astrology and Puja. It is a great privilege and honor for me to share whatever I have with others. I feel that if I can make a small difference in some one’s life and make them happy, then that makes me very very happy. I share Yoga, Vedic astrology and Puja as a worship of God within human beings. I can say from my experience as I have shared that God has given me more and more to share. In other words, whatever I am sharing is not mine. I am only a mailman, who delivers the mail that belongs to you. I am only a vehicle for the Divine. I have realized through my experiences that I am definitely working for a Higher Power in this Universe.

~ Hari Om Tat Sat ~

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Acharya Bharat is a Hindu (Vedic) Astrologer, Yoga teacher, Brahmin-Hindu priest and professional electrical engineer. He has studied Yoga and Vedic astrology in India and the US. For over twenty years, Bharat has served as a guide to many people of all ages with Yoga and Vedic astrology. Bharat promotes spiritual astrology, a discipline that will throw light on your Karma, your spiritual path, and your ultimate goal, self-realization.

Insights and solutions with Vedic astrology, Puja and Yoga. Please contact Acharya Bharat: Padmini Light, Portland, Oregon or Contact Bharat Directly

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