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I vividly remember my first experience of Jyotish (Vedic) astrology with all of my feelings because that experience had profound effects on my life. I was ten years old. It was Sunday evening, and my father went to visit his friend in the evening. His friend was also an engineer, like my father, but also happened to have an interest in Vedic astrology. (I kind of tagged along with my father because I was very dear to him and he took me wherever he went! My father had profound effects on me as I was growing up, and still today. I owe lot to my father for teaching me life’s lessons and how to live life wisely. But that is a story for another time.)

While my father was having a conversation with his friend over afternoon Chai, my father casually asked his friend why doesn’t he check this kid out. So, my father’s friend, the Vedic astrologer, asked my birth information, date, time and place I was born. After doing the calculation on the back of envelope, my father’s friend started telling me about myself. I could not believe how someone could tell you so much by just asking his birth information. And things that astrologer told me were very accurate, like my nature, my education, what I like and don’t like. It had a very profound effect on my psyche. I was hooked on Vedic astrology.

I wanted to know more. So, I started reading books on Vedic astrology, wherever I could get them. I started asking my friends and relatives if they knew this wonderful science of Vedic astrology. In India, many people have a basic knowledge of Vedic astrology. And just like me, there are many students willing to learn. I visited many Vedic astrologers of various calibers. And I learned a lot from visiting and talking to them.

Eventually these visits to various astrologers led me to a couple of teachers who taught me the ropes of this very mystical and profound science. I spent many hours with them. I studied my own charts and the charts of my relatives and friends. This is one best way to learn because you know the person, and then, studying their charts gives clues to various planetary combinations. They did not teach me in a formal ways, but taught me by practical ways. In other words, I just observed them, and pored over as many books that I could lay hands on, and spent all my spare time in studies.

What impressed me the most about this science is that by knowing this science you could understand the deeper mysteries of life. It taught me how everything is interconnected. I learned that What is Above is Below. I learned that Within and Without are not two different things. Everything is One. I learned that you can’t change your Karma and destiny. Good or bad comes to you, no matter what you do. It gives you the awareness of events and the workings of your mind. So, you aren’t tossed around by the ups and downs of mind, but learn to become a witness of this world drama.

Vedic astrology taught me that we take birth in a particular body at a particular time, where planets are positioned to prepare us for our current life’s lessons.

The purpose of Vedic astrology is to understand our Karma, what our lessons are, and what we are good at. If we know that we will be challenged in some area, that helps us not to identify with that thing. We can see ourselves as the soul, separate from our Karma, and with that knowledge, we can fight the bad influences and evolve towards God. We hope that our efforts in revealing your horoscope to you to aid in this direction.

Vedic astrology has helped me with problems of marriage, family, career, relationships, money, health and spirituality. It provided me insight into my potentials as guidance in all matters of life. And as a result, I started promoting the esoteric or spiritual aspects of Vedic astrology – a discipline that helped me to understand my Karma, spiritual path, and my ultimate goal in life of self-realization. What appealed to me most about this science is that it is like a meditation, meaning that, just as in meditation, you recognize the workings of your inner self. You will also understand and appreciate the inner workings of your mind and your Karma.

However, until the 1990s, I did not practice this science in the world at large. Of course, all my life I was doing Vedic readings for my family and friends, but not for others. I was shy because I was doing something I was told to do by God within me. Then, in early 1990s, I started offering Yoga seminars, where many people of various age groups and health conditions came. I realized that Yoga was limited in responding to the deeper aspects of their problems. Yoga can of course help, but it is a slower process, while my students were trying to find answers to their problems immediately! So, to those very select students who were desparate to find answers to their life challenges, I stared offering Vedic astrology.

And one thing lead to another, and ultimately, God called me one day and said, “Bharat, now I am giving you the license to share Jyotish, the Vedic astrology, with the world.”

And as the saying goes, the rest is history. Here I am as your servant, offering this science to you. I have never denied anyone because they didn’t have the money to compensate me for my services. I will always answer your questions, because I am convinced that when you contact me it is not a coincidence, but it is Divine Will that your search leads you to me. I am also convinced beyond all my doubts that I am only a mailman delivering your mail that rightfully belongs to you. Mail that I deliver comes from the Highest Source, and as a mail man, I have no ownership as to what your Vedic reading mail has to say. This science has many rules and exceptions to rules, and tremendous intuitive and psychic understanding is required, and that is what I do.

~ Hari Om Tat Sat ~

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Acharya Bharat is a Hindu (Vedic) Astrologer, Yoga teacher, Brahmin-Hindu priest and professional electrical engineer. He has studied Yoga and Vedic astrology in India and the US. For over twenty years, Bharat has served as a guide to many people of all ages with Yoga and Vedic astrology. Bharat promotes spiritual astrology, a discipline that will throw light on your Karma, your spiritual path, and your ultimate goal, self-realization.

Insights and solutions with Vedic astrology, Puja and Yoga. Please contact Acharya Bharat: Padmini Light, Portland, Oregon or Contact Bharat Directly
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